Ultra Coat functional fabric is revealed, is it the key?

Ultra Coat 機能布料大解密,它是其中的關鍵?

In the last issue, I shared with you " the most powerful item in winter ", how to keep out the cold while also having other functional features and maintaining a sense of fashion. That's right! This issue directly deciphers the most important core role of the " Ultra Coat Temperature Control Raincoat ". How is its excellent functionality created? (Key role: The editor reminds that it is a plant, and You can see it almost every day in life)

fabric deconstruction

Everyone knows that Ultra Coat has the special ability of one piece being worth many. It can be used as a windbreaker, a jacket, a down jacket or a heating jacket. As mentioned in the previous issue, the key to its excellent versatility lies in the structure of the fabric. It is made of three layers of "special patented fabrics". Each layer of fabric gives Ultra Coat a different functional effect. The stacking of layers allows the functionality of the raincoat to achieve the effect of 1+1+1>3. Among them, there is a key role, that is " coffee "!
Singtex is committed to innovation, research and development, and providing a full range of environmentally friendly patented functional fabrics. They create S.Café® nano coffee grounds through a low-temperature and high-pressure environmentally friendly patented process, and the yarn after adding S.Café® nano coffee grounds , increases the surface area, and can show excellent water diffusion ability based on its physical characteristics; the tiny pores on S.Café® nano coffee grounds can also continue to absorb odor molecules and refracted ultraviolet rays produced by the body, thus creating such Powerful functionality. Let’s take you through the inseparable relationship between Ultra Coat and S.Café® environmentally friendly technology coffee yarn ~

Ultra Coat three-layer fabric deconstruction

fabric deconstruction

Outer fabric-AIRMEM™ : DWR water-repellent coating on the surface, providing water-repellent and snow-repellent effects.

Middle layer fabric - AIRMEM™ nano environmentally friendly coffee film: a patented coffee yarn film with a water pressure resistance value of up to 15000mm, which is highly effective in windproof and rainproof, and maintains a high breathability effect, keeping the internal space from being stuffy.

The bottom fabric - Eco²sy® technological environmentally friendly down : Made from recycled PET bottles and waste coffee grounds, it is not only warm but also lightweight.

Outer and middle fabrics
AIRMEM™ eco-friendly coffee biofilm


AIRMEM™ is an extension of S.Café® environmentally friendly technology coffee yarn, pushing textile materials to a new level. In order to effectively utilize the resources on the earth, AIRMEM™ is added with more than 26% coffee oil composite material extracted from recycled coffee grounds. It is the first non-food source biomass film material on the earth; it can be applied to a wide range of fields, And provide manufacturers with film materials that can replace petroleum manufacturing.

Why use AIRMEM™ environmentally friendly coffee biofilm?

Functional introduction In addition to being versatile and environmentally friendly, AIRMEM™ is also highly valued for its functionality. Its water pressure resistance alone is as high as 15,000mm. In other words, it can withstand even extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain. There are millions of micropores in the material, which allow moisture to pass directly through the pores, keeping the interior dry and comfortable; the diameter of the micropores is strictly controlled to less than 0.2-10μm, which can prevent raindrops (100-3000μm) from entering. , allowing the body's moisture water molecules (0.0004μm) to dissipate, this unique structure allows active air exchange to dissipate moisture while remaining completely waterproof. The AIRMEM™ series not only provides us with the functions of "windproof", "waterproof", "breathable", "anti-oil stain" and "odor control", but also allows us to enjoy a cup of coffee while creating a new style of sportswear. High performance and comfort.

Bottom fabric
Eco2sy® technology environmentally friendly down

Eco2sy technology environmentally friendly down The next one will be even more powerful! Although Ultra Coat can be called a down jacket, the bottom fabric is actually made of Eco²sy technology environmentally friendly down, which not only provides us with warmth, comfort, and heat retention effects, but is also much lighter than ordinary down in appearance. The amazing technology of Eco²sy is completely extracted and produced from recycled PET bottles and coffee grounds, and combines the concepts of smart recycling and element reuse.

Environmentally friendly recycling

Advantages of Eco2sy® technology environmentally friendly down

Functional advantages
Eco²sy technology environmentally friendly down is positioned as Friendly Ecological Insulation Technology, which comes from ecological (sustainability) plus cozy (comfortable and warm). Let the product be "environmentally friendly, simple, and user-friendly" yet highly functional.
Eco²sy uses 100% ultra-fine environmentally friendly fiber. Through special fiber structure and multi-layered tissue design, the effect of warmth retention and heat retention is beyond imagination. And warmth retention is not proportional to quality and weight. Eco²sy has good compressibility. With the characteristics of light weight, despite the long version of the one-piece design, it is still very lightweight. Generally, the weight of thick down jackets or warm coats ranges from 900 to 1300 grams, while Ultra Coat only weighs 780 to 880 grams. That’s all. In addition, it also combines the odor control ability of S.Café® environmentally friendly coffee yarn technology, giving Ultra Coat using Eco²sy a composite concept of strong functionality and sustainability.


After seeing this, the editor couldn't help but have the urge to put on the Ultra Coat temperature-controlled raincoat and stand in the cold wind with a cup of hot Americano. I felt like it couldn't do anything to me, but I couldn't help but be surprised. It turned out that the coffee beans Life is such a wonderful life. From picking, selecting, roasting, and turning into coffee, the remaining coffee grounds can moisten and deodorize, and can also be used as a source of yarn and fabrics. From now on, the editor decides to rely on collecting Get rich from coffee grounds, does anyone want to keep up? (Error XD)

Ultra Coat product page: https://bit.ly/3FtGB2R

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