Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: If I clean it myself, are there any recommended methods? Because it is expensive to send dry cleaning frequently.

A: Dry cleaning is not recommended. You can put it in a laundry bag and put it into a general washing machine . Use neutral detergent or clean water to clean it at low temperature (it is recommended to wash it with clothes of similar colors, hand washing is also acceptable) and tumble dry at low temperature . Please also remind you to iron it. It is recommended to iron clothes with a cloth at low temperature. Do not use a high-temperature iron or a high-temperature steam iron to iron directly to avoid damaging the waterproof coating. It is strongly recommended to dry at low temperature after cleaning to avoid direct exposure to the sun. This can further increase the adhesion of the surface DWR (water repellent) coating and reduce the wear and tear of the water repellent coating.

Q: What is the lifespan of the water-repellent outer layer?

A: According to laboratory testing, it still retains up to 80% of the effect after cleaning 20 times. Once again, it is strongly recommended to use low-temperature drying after cleaning, which can increase the adhesion of the surface DWR (water-repellent) coating and reduce the wear and tear of the water-repellent coating.

Q: What I fear most about wearing a suit is that my hands and feet are bound. I wonder if the material is elastic and easy to move?

A: Don’t worry! We understand that traditional suits give people a sense of restraint, so we use special elastic coffee gauze fabric and make clever tailoring on the joints. Not only is it elastic and easy to move around, it also removes odor, so it’s no problem even if you wear it for a run.

Q: Is it really waterproof? Could it be that the seams were not done properly and water seeped into the clothes?

A: This is something that everyone can rest assured of, because we have added "waterproof tape" to the seams of the clothes. Any gaps that may be water-permeable must be carefully filled to make them "truly watertight."

Q: Usually clothes with waterproof function have the disadvantage of being airtight. I wonder if this suit will be the same?

A: We use special elastic coffee yarn fabric and waterproof coating. In order to achieve the best waterproof and breathable effect, after research and testing, we use 2.5 layers of fabric above the shoulders to have the best waterproof effect (water pressure resistance of more than 10,000), coupled with 1.5 layers below the shoulders DWR fabric balances water-repellent and breathable effects, and the underwater laser porous design allows users to stay more ventilated and dry. This combination can have sufficient waterproof effect, while also having the advantages of breathability and comfort, as well as a handsome and fitting cut. Breaking the stereotype that traditional functional clothing only has functions but no design.

Q: Does the waterproof material contain fluorine?

A: Our membrane does not have it. This is the difference from Goretex PTFE! Our manufacturing processes have passed environmental certifications such as bluesigne and Oeko-tex (class-one) , so please don’t worry!