Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

In order to protect website user information and online privacy, Shencai Fashion Co., Ltd. (TRANZEND) would like to explain the method and scope of obtaining user personal information online.

Collection and use of personal data

Whenever you use the purchase service on the TRANZEND website, you need to provide personal information. Personal information may include but is not limited to the following information:
1. User name
2.Contact address
3. Telephone number
4. Email account
5. Transaction records The above-mentioned data purposes will be displayed on the TRANZEND website screen when users purchase online, and the personal information provided by consumers will only be used for the purposes stated on that screen. Unless permitted or required by law, Shencai Fashion Co., Ltd. will not use personal information without consumers' prior consent, nor will it collect personal information when consumers browse the website.

Security of personal data

When the website receives consumers' personal information, the website system will immediately save it and keep it confidential. Only authorized and trained employees are allowed to access the relevant information. Shencai Fashion Co., Ltd. will also ensure that employees adhere to the ethics of personal data security and confidentiality.

Transfer of personal data

Consumers' personal data will be kept confidential and personal data may be transferred to the following organizations:
1. Relevant banks for payment
2. Other people and organizations that perform data security work
3. Obtain permission and where required by law