Return and exchange policy

Seven days appreciation period

According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, the seven-day appreciation period starts from the day after the consumer completes signing for the receipt and ends on the 7th day. If there is an administrator at your receiving address to collect the parcel, the next day will be the day after the receipt. Please pay attention to the delivery notice. In order to avoid disputes, please confirm the acceptance of the goods before returning them. We will not be able to handle returns or exchanges for you in the following situations. Please pay attention to avoid affecting your rights and interests.

  • When returned, the product accessories are incomplete or the tag has been cut.
  • Abnormal try-on, has been worn for a long time, has been in the water, and has signs of use, such as dirt, powder, malfunction, damage, scratches, odor, moisture, etc.
  • The item has been processed or resized.
  • More than seven days of appreciation period.

Return and exchange service

  1. Please confirm whether the goods are defective within three days of receiving the goods within the seven days of the appreciation period. Please write to us first ( ) to inform us of your order number and basic information. The return and exchange freight will be borne by TRANZEND. .
    • Basic information includes: name, email, phone number, address, reason for return or exchange (photos of defects must be attached), size of exchange (provided for exchange), copy of remittance account (provided for return)
  2. Each order only provides one free return and exchange service. If you need to return or exchange additional products within 7 days, please bear the shipping fee yourself.
  3. Please fill out the return and exchange form and complete the packaging of the goods. We will send a dedicated person to collect the goods. We will notify you if the refund process is completed. The service scope in this area is limited to the main island of Taiwan. Outlying islands and foreign countries need to bear the freight themselves.
  4. If the original packaging has been discarded, you can use other packaging to put the returned goods, provided that they must be properly sealed to avoid loss of the goods. If the returned goods are not properly packaged and the goods are lost, we will handle the return procedure with the goods actually received.
  5. Clothes defects are defined as large stains, large holes, damaged zippers, etc. If the defective product is returned and inspected and it is found that the product itself is not defective, the buyer must bear the return shipping costs.
    Defects not included in the list include incorrect size, slight threading, exposed threads, any artificial defects, color differences, fabrics that are not as expected, etc. If the size is not correct, you can apply for an exchange once. Due to the limited quantity of the product, it is not possible to exchange for the same product. Please note that TRANZEND reserves the right to make the final decision on whether to return or exchange goods and to change the rules.

Exchange process

  1. Fill out the exchange form
  2. Personalized collection
  3. Exchange completed, please pay attention to the receipt