Suitable for both movement and stillness, take a look at the TRANZEND Active series made of the highest quality fabrics
Sportswear has become increasingly popular, and having a set of sportswear that can express your personal style has become an indispensable part of everyone's wardrobe in recent years. In order to better reflect the concept of daily Dress Wise, TRANZEND created the Active series, developed the highest specification fabrics, and designed many practical small details, all of which are designed to inspire wearers to challenge themselves during exercise. Don’t waste our hard work, let’s take a look at the production process of the Active series.
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Ultra Suit 3.0, "the functional suit that revolutionized across generations" won the ISPO Best Product Award
The German ISPO Textrends International Functional Textiles Fashion Trend Award is known as the Oscars of the textile industry and is also a world-wide textile display platform. In the ISPO Textrends SS25 series awards, Ultra Suit 3.0 won the Best Product Award in the apparel field, standing out with its reputation as the "most powerful suit on the planet." This article will help you understand what ISPO is? What characteristics did the third-generation functional suits win the favor of the jury?
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"TRANZEND's first brand ambassador" Richard Lee
We are honored to invite Richard Lee to be the first spokesperson of the brand and also serve as the image model of TRANZEND Active; we focus not only on the appearance, but also on the rich connotation. Through this article, I will let you know about Richard and our encounter.
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