The only one in the world|Exclusive patented fabric

The perfect combination of ICE-CAFÉ™ + Xylitol technology. It feels instantly cool when worn, and odor control eliminates social embarrassment.

Anti-wrinkle, anti-yellowing and anti-UV

The Ultra Shirt goes beyond adding breathability. The exclusive fabric we use can naturally relax fibrous tissue and remove wrinkles as long as it comes into contact with body temperature. It also has anti-yellowing and UPF 50+ anti-UV properties.

Four-way elasticity | Three-dimensional tailoring

The use of special mechanical elastic textile technology, human body mechanics and side swing design make the version stiff and flexible enough to limit any movement.

Seamless pockets | Side vents

The low-profile seamless pockets on the chest and the side slit design not only increase the extension space, but also keep you handsome and neat at all times.

Magnetic and hidden buttons

TRANZEND's exclusive design features magnetic cuffs and hidden snap buttons instead of traditional buttons, making it easier to put on and take off.

Ultrasonic suturing & laser hole design

Ultrasonic vibration is used to achieve the welding effect and reduce the weight of the sewing thread. It is not only more comfortable and smoother, but also looks cleaner and neater. The laser hole design under the armpits can quickly take away hot and humid air, keeping the inside of the Ultra Shirt dry.

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