Unity in Attire and Essence. Empower Your Flow.

Olympic and military grade technical fabrics are combined with form and function design techniques to create an unparalleled top sportswear series.

Get a free brand exclusive towel when you spend over 5,000

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TRANZEND exclusive craftsmanship

Powered breathable valve, towel hanging loop, cell phone storage pocket and side pockets; free your hands, shoulders and neck, and fully immerse yourself in the flow.

Independent research and development of top gauge fabrics

We are committed to independent research and development of high-tech functional fabrics to provide excellent comfort and solve all aspects of life needs, allowing you to enjoy high-quality clothing, save the number of purchases, and sublimate the wearing experience.

Olympic fabric

Dongao designated fabric - highly efficient in moisture absorption, quick-drying, flexible, comfortable, breathable, non-sticky, and maintains the best posture during exercise.

Active 運動彈性褲 - TRANZEND

Mobile phone storage bag|Power breathable valve

Special mobile phone storage, conformable effect to avoid excessive shaking, ensuring safe and stable placement of mobile phones. Body heat is discharged from the power ventilation valve, which can help us maintain the best posture.

Towel hanging ring

The towel ring frees up our neck, shoulders and hands, allowing us to fully engage in the flow of exercise.

UPF 50+ | Odor control

Sunscreen effect UPF50+, effectively protects the skin. The time to be red is 50 times longer. S.Café® technological and environmentally friendly fabric, the odor molecules covered can be released through sunlight or washing with water.

DWR super water repellent|Mechanical elasticity

DWR is super water-repellent and has passed the Pass Rain Test and remains unobstructed in light rain conditions. Weaving based on the principle of mechanical elasticity will not cause elastic fatigue after long-term use, and also significantly reduces the carbon footprint during production.

Low carbon process

We work with bluesign® certified factories. Complying with the latest global environmental standards and standards and ensuring consumer safety. The production process also reduces the carbon footprint and is 20% more energy efficient than ordinary elastic fibers.

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