How to choose a cool shirt in summer? Ultra Shirt series comparison table here
The temperature has exceeded the 30-degree mark recently. With the launch of the Ultra Shirt Air cooling shirt, the editor has received many messages asking, what is the difference between the Ultra Shirt and Air versions? Today, we have put together a comparison table of specifications of the Ultra Shirt series for you, allowing you to easily choose new strategies to combat the heat this summer!
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Feeling uncomfortable wearing your shirt? "Ultra Shirt Air" A functional shirt that will exceed your imagination
"Ultra Shirt Air" is a new product on the market. Once you try it, you will know that you can't go back. If you have always felt "uncomfortable" and "restrictive" about wearing shirts, then maybe you should try the zero-burden feel that "Ultra Shirt Air" brings to you. This article will introduce to you the 9 major functional features of "Ultra Shirt Air" and how to buy it at the most cost-effective price.
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Is it easy to wear a suit with a shirt? 10 details you should pay attention to when wearing a suit
Everyone knows how to put on a suit and a shirt, but do you really wear it correctly? How to wear a suit correctly has become a science. No matter how stylish you are, if you accidentally touch these landmines, your professionalism and handsomeness will be greatly reduced, and others will know that you are an amateur at a glance. The suitable occasions for suits include business, formal venues, banquet performances, casual matching, etc. There are corresponding dressing skills to pay attention to for different situations and occasions. Today, I will take you to understand these 10 dressing details that cannot be ignored.
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