Feeling uncomfortable wearing your shirt? "Ultra Shirt Air" A functional shirt that will exceed your imagination

穿著襯衫感到不適?「Ultra Shirt Air」一件會超越你想像的機能襯衫

"Ultra Shirt Air" is a new product on the market. Once you try it, you will know that you can't go back. If you have always felt "uncomfortable" and "restrictive" about wearing shirts, then maybe you should try the zero-burden feel that "Ultra Shirt Air" brings to you. This article will introduce to you the 9 major functional features of "Ultra Shirt Air" and how to buy it at the most cost-effective price.

"Ultra Shirt Air" exceeds your imagination

Create the ultimate performance shirt that combines cutting-edge technology and patented fabrics with 9 functions to keep you comfortable during exercise or everyday wear. We use blue sign certified environmentally friendly recycled materials, which not only provide excellent performance and quality, but also demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection.

9 major functions

Temperature adjustment

  • Patented fabric
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Xylitol cooling

The environmentally friendly patented fabric S.CAFÉ ICE-CAFÉ™ can absorb body heat and quickly dissipate it. It is added with xylitol dual cooling technology. When the body comes into contact with sweat, it will cause an endothermic reaction, which can effectively reduce the body temperature by 1-2 degrees. Let you feel cooler during exercise or daily wear.

Skin-friendly and comfortable

  • Moisture wicking
  • Full flexibility
  • Odor control

The use of special mechanical elastic textile technology and ergonomic design make the pattern stiff and elastic enough to allow unrestricted activities. The patented material can absorb odors and can be completely removed by sunlight or cleaning, providing long-lasting resistance. Odor .

Perfect and stylish

  • Inhibit yellowing
  • Absolute sun protection
  • Anti-wrinkle, no ironing

Ultra Shirt Air adds breathability. The exclusive fabric we use can naturally relax fibrous tissue and remove wrinkles as long as it comes into contact with body temperature. It also has anti-yellowing and UPF 50+ anti-UV properties.

Ultra Shirt Air

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