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Ultra Tee 全方位評測|實體上架門市曝光

Thanks to Mobile01 for its all-round practical evaluation, from the minimalist design, wearing experience, explanation of functional features to collar shape and product details, readers can fully understand all the information of Ultra Tee, and there is also a hidden version of the lucky draw in the text You have the opportunity to take Ultra Tee home directly. Friends who don’t know Ultra Tee yet should seize this opportunity to learn more about it!

Actual wearing evaluation

minimalist outfit

minimalist outfit

"The Ultra Tee series also maintains the brand's unique spirit. It is a versatile T-shirt that can be used for minimalist wear, sports and fitness, or outdoor leisure."

minimalist outfit

"Different styles of vegan T-Shirts have brand words embossed on them at different locations. The font itself is small and will not affect the visual sense of this vegan T-Shirt."

Technical functional fabric

Technical functional fabric

"Hybrid technical fabric S.Café

Technical functional fabric

"Wearing the Ultra Tee series of pure T-shirts on your body, you can barely feel the presence of the fabric sticking to your body."

super ductile

"Using 46N yarn with a rich elastic structure, the entire Ultra Tee series of vegan T-shirts have a very high level of extensibility. Recently, the weather in the greater Taipei area has gradually become hotter. When the editor was shooting outdoors, the skin surface A small amount of sweat will be discharged at first. When wearing ordinary cotton T-shirts, you will feel that the fabric becomes sticky after a long time and sticks to the skin, and the moisture is difficult to escape. However, when wearing the Ultra Tee series of vegan T-shirts, -Shirt can hardly feel the sweat staying on the skin, keeping the body in a dry state."

Collar shape and design details

Ladder collar

"What I like the most is the special trapezoidal collar in the picture above. Compared with the ordinary round collar, it is more recognizable and slightly more formal. It is more suitable for wearing alone when going out. And because it is also a low-collar type, it makes it more comfortable to wear. The neck area still feels unrestricted.”

plan the details

"The two special holes processed through the stitching provide a space for hanging Bluetooth headphones, and even if they are not used, it is also quite unique as a visual detail."

plan the details

"For the cuffs of the short-sleeved style, the design team has pre-sewed outward folding to add detail and formality to the garment itself. If you don't want the cuffs to fold outward, just cut the seams near the outside area to restore the original cuffs. The appearance, the processing process is also quite simple and fast.”

plan the details

"Regardless of the neckline version, long or short sleeves, there is a bifurcated design at the hem, which increases the wearer's flexibility, and there are gathered edges around it to improve texture and durability."

The above professional reviews are extracted from the Mobile01 post page. Interested friends are welcome to go to the post page to view more actual test reviews. Leave a comment below and you will have a chance to win an Ultra Tee functional T-Shirt!


Event prize: Ultra Tee (market price 1,680 yuan), two places in total
Deadline: 12:00 on March 25, 2022. Activity method: On the Mobile01 post page , reply to the article and leave your opinions on the TRANZEND Ultra Tee Functional T-Shirt. Any comments or comments are acceptable, and you will be eligible for the lottery. !

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Physical stores on shelves

After reading the professional reviews, everyone must want to try it out! Here we present to you the physical sales stores, you are welcome to come and experience it!

🔸 Compatible stores (already on sale):
・Store name: IONISM Boutique
・Address: No. 73, Lane 161, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Daan District, Taipei City ・Business hours: 14:00~22:00
・Contact number: 02-2711-5167

🔸 In conjunction with stores (expected to be on sale from 3/31):
・Store name: plain-me
・Store name: Taipei Dunnan Directly Operated Flagship Store/Taichung Fine Arts Park Avenue Directly Operated Store

Facebook: Tranzend Taiwan
Instagram: tranzend_taiwan
Email: sales@tranzend.co.uk

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