Ultra Suit 3.0 Staff Interview x Mike | It’s okay to wear a functional suit to a game

Ultra Suit 3.0 職人訪談 x Mike | 穿著機能西裝出席球賽也沒問題

Today we are honored to invite Mike to participate in our Ultra Suit 3.0 interview plan. As a promoter who loves basketball, he is also a basketball agent and scout. He usually wears functional suits when attending ball games or important occasions. Therefore, when wearing a suit, Tai also has a unique perspective. Let’s watch Mike’s Ultra Suit 3.0 staff interview video below.

Staff interview video

Today’s guest: Mike
Occupation: "Like Mike Sports" Founder/Basketball Agent, Scout Style: Ultra Suit 3.0 White Sand

Staff interviews

Staff interviews

1. Tell me about who you are and what do you usually do (career)?

Everyone calls me Mike. I am the founder of the basketball channel Like Mike Sports . I am also a basketball manager and scout. I usually watch more football games, discover players, or introduce overseas players to Taiwan.

2.What do you do after work?

After work, my life is still about basketball, followed by fitness and sports. I watch more football games to discover players, and then maintain relationships with them.

3. What is the goal you want to accomplish next?

We now have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and a total of over 50 million views, so I have probably achieved my goal on the channel.
My dream is to take players to the Chinese CBA or the American NBA, or to bring more powerful NBA players to Taiwan. After entering this field of basketball marketing, I think this is my small achievement and a very cool thing. , that is, few people can actually do these tasks, so I already have some experience and insights, and I want to make a breakthrough.

The symbiosis of function and attire View all

Ultra Suit 3.0 double breasted suit combination classic black
Ultra Suit 3.0 double breasted suit combination white sand
Ultra Suit 3.0 single breasted suit combination classic black
Ultra Suit 3.0 single breasted suit combination midnight blue
Ultra Suit 3.0 double-breasted suit combination classic black + M-system

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