What is functional knitted fabric?


Knitted fabric originates from the island of Jersey between France and England, where it was originally used to make the pullover sweaters that fishermen used to wear. Later, it set off a craze in men's clothing. Today, knitted fabrics are widely used in the leisure and outdoor sports clothing industry. Let me spend 3 minutes today to let you know what functional knitted fabrics are? Why is it so comfortable?

What is knitted fabric?

Knitwear is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable fabrics. It is mainly divided into two forms, single-sided knitting and double-sided knitting.

Single Jersey Fabric is a type of circular knitted fabric (Weft Knit). The knitting machine for single-sided fabric has only one row of needles, and the texture on both sides is different, with a more obvious texture on the back. In terms of hand feel, single-sided knitted fabrics are softer, lighter, and drape better than double-sided knitted fabrics, and are usually more breathable than double-sided knitted fabrics.

As for double-sided knitted fabric ( interlock or double knit) , it is also a type of circular knitted fabric (Weft Knit). The knitting machine for double-sided fabric has two rows of needles, up and down, so the knitted fabric looks like knitting the backs of two single-sided fabrics together. Compared with single-sided fabrics, double-sided fabrics are usually thicker, heavier, stiffer, and more stable in structure.

Native to the island of Jersey, located between France and England. This fabric was originally used to make the pullover sweaters worn by fishermen in the past. Later, knitted fabrics became more popular in men's clothing, especially in sports.

To this day, knitted fabric is commonly used because it is soft, breathable and stretchy without the need to add additional fibers to the fabric. One of the most common uses is T-shirts because of the comfort the knitted fabric provides to the wearer.

What are the characteristics of knitted fabrics?

  • elasticity

The knitting method of knitted fabrics provides the fabric with room for expansion and elasticity

  • Anti-wrinkle

The more stretchy the material, the less likely it is to wrinkle. Jersey cotton's structure is exceptionally soft, pliable and crease-resistant, and its wrinkle resistance also helps garments maintain their shape.

  • Breathability

Knitted holes allow air to circulate more freely between fibers, making knitted fabrics extremely breathable.

  • softness

The characteristic of jersey fabric is that it is very soft, while cotton jersey fabric has a softer texture than polyester jersey fabric.

  • Durability

Jersey fabric is durable and tear-resistant.

Application of functional knitted fabrics

Ultra Hoodie Based on the functionality and characteristics of the above-mentioned knitted fabrics, we can use different materials and knitting technologies to improve the functionality of the fabrics. Usually functional knitted fabrics are widely used in outdoor and sports textiles. These functionalities will improve clothing Experience and comfort. The Ultra Hoodie is made of high-tech knitted fabrics, combining comfort and performance!

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