Ultra Suit 3.0 all-round unboxing test

Ultra Suit 3.0 全方位開箱實測

Thanks to Mobile01 for the professional unboxing test. From tailoring details, fabric functions, product design to wearing experience, the all-round unboxing introduction allows readers to have a deeper understanding of the design concept and usage scenarios of Ultra Suit 3.0. Now go and watch Mobile01’s Let’s unbox and test it.

Ultra Suit 3.0 unboxing test

In response to Taiwan's humid and changeable climate, the Ultra Suit functional suit series launched by TRANZEND recently welcomed the latest version "UltraSuit 3.0 Suit Jacket". Inheriting the ultra-water repellent and full elasticity of the previous two generations, Ultra Suit 3.0 is optimized for breathability and fit. , the stiffer fabric brings high-quality performance. At the same time, the technological and environmentally friendly S.Cafe coffee yarn also has DWR super water-repellent characteristics, improving the possibility of wearing it across situations. There is no sense of distance and no need to choose special occasions. Wearing a suit is a display of your attitude towards life!

In the past, most of the new products launched by TRANZEND used "classic black" as the main product color. During the process of fundraising, pre-orders and development, we heard many consumers' demands for more color matching. Therefore, this time UltraSuit 3.0, in addition to the original " In addition to the "Classic Black" color, "Midnight Blue" and "Daytime Sand" will be launched at the first launch. In addition to launching three color combinations to meet the needs of consumers with different preferences for various color combinations, the TRANZEND design team also provides single There are two options: breasted and double-breasted. It should be noted here that the "Midnight Blue" color scheme that the editor actually wore is single-breasted. The "White Sand" in the photo below only has double-breasted. As for the "classic" "Black" has both single and double-breasted styles.
The clothing items launched by TRANZEND are inseparable from the theme of functionality. Continuing the design concept of the previous two generations, Ultra Suit 3.0 is also equipped with DWR super water-repellent fabric. If you try to spray a large amount of water on the suit, you can see that the water stays on the surface of the fabric, forming a It is in the shape of water droplets and can easily be removed from clothes without penetrating into the inside. In terms of durability, according to official experimental tests, the Ultra Suit 3.0 fabric can still maintain up to 90% water-repellent performance after being fully washed 20 times. Based on personal experience, the photo below shows the high water-repellent performance after two washes. Performance is not affected much.

As mentioned in other unboxing articles before, TRANZEND's classic S.CAFE technological environmentally friendly fabric has been used in this Ultra Suit 3.0 after advanced innovation. In addition to its original natural effect of eliminating odors around clothing, this This additional addition of anti-wrinkle properties allows it to be machine washed and dried, which not only saves time on ironing, but also eliminates the need to send it to dry cleaning. In addition, I believe that many business people who travel frequently will need to carry suits on long trips. With Ultra Suit 3.0, you don’t have to worry about the creases in the suits when they are taken out of the suitcase during business trips.
Returning to the practical feeling of wearing it, Ultra Suit 3.0 has a tighter and tighter fit compared to the previous two generations. However, the elasticity and extensibility of the clothing itself have also been improved, so it will not affect the dynamic flexibility and long-term wearability. Not only will it not be a burden to wear, but it will also be no problem when you are in a hurry and need to run XD
Different from the traditional buttons on the placket and cuffs, the Ultra Suit 3.0 design team replaced them with magnetic buttons. The purpose is to make the shape clearer and simpler, leaving the visual focus to the tailoring of the clothing itself. The editor feels that magnetic buttons actually have many advantages. For a lazy person like me who is easy to put on and take off, the hidden magnetic buckles on the cuffs of Ultra Suit 3.0 are a blessing! It makes the overall vision clearer and more concise, and is easy to put on and take off.
Compared with ordinary suits or custom-made suits, Ultra Suit 3.0 not only uses very different fabrics, but also in order to solve the problem of the heat that "suit owners" feel particularly distressed when wearing it for a long time, the design team designed the underarms of the jacket with A hidden power ventilation valve is added to the back of the suit pants to increase aerodynamic breathability and keep you dry.

As for the actual wearing experience, in fact, when I tried the first-generation Ultra Suit before, I can clearly feel that the most special thing about this suit is that it does not feel stuffy when worn for a long time. This time the Ultra Suit has a stiffer shape. 3.0, the fit will not lag behind that of ordinary suits, and it also has shoulder pads and other configurations. The breathability brought by this S.CAFE technological environmentally friendly fabric is unmatched by other suit jackets. It is almost as good as functional and mountaineering jackets. The quality of the brand's outerwear is impressive.

From the actual wearing experience, you can feel the difference between this Ultra Suit 3.0 fabric and other common suits on the market. In addition, it is different from ordinary suits. The design team has obviously hidden a lot of ingenuity in Ultra Suit 3.0, such as the suit There are a total of four hidden pockets on both sides of the jacket, as well as hidden power ventilation valves under the armpits and behind the pants. The top of the secret bag has a fabric buckle design, allowing users to hang items. For these special configurations, the design team has also designed many modular accessories for it, which can be combined with the brand's M-SYSTEM series products. use.
These accessories can be purchased on the official website, and the price is also very discounted when purchased together with the suit set. For example, this card holder with the TRANZEND brand embossed on the back can be hung inside the suit jacket when taking public transportation to and from the station or When paying by card, the length of the lanyard is sufficient. In addition, the strap also adopts a magnetic connection and separation structure. The RFID anti-theft design has three independent slots. The first layer is used for non-contact sensing, and the second layer can accommodate multiple A card (with a drawstring) allows users to easily take out the card, and the third layer can be used for identification.
The hexagonal design waterproof cap is also one of the products in this M-SYSTEM series. The material is the same as the Ultra Suit 3.0 suit set. They are both S.CAFE technology environmentally friendly fabrics using DWR super water-repellent technology. In addition, there are The elastic webbing of sunglasses is a detailed treatment to add visual richness to the product. When not wearing it, it can not only be hung on the Ultra Suit 3.0 suit jacket through the hook on the back of the hood, but also linked to the hidden power ventilation valve of the Ultra Suit 3.0 suit jacket. It can also be magnetically connected to other M-SYSTEM series on the product.

Overall, the Ultra Suit 3.0 suit jacket, which will be available for pre-order at the end of 2022, is the flagship product of the TRANZEND brand. Its high degree of mastery of functional clothing is reflected in this suit that should be traditional, and it does not lose the imagination of the general public. A suit should have a dignified and calm style. The special part is that in view of the various restrictions hidden in the formal shape of the suit, the TRANZEND design team listened to the needs and finally realized this suit that satisfies various situations through fabrics and tailoring. Formal items to match your needs.


Thanks again to Mobile01 for the professional unboxing and testing, and reminding everyone that the Ultra Suit 3.0 pre-order is counting down to the end!

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