What are the differences between Ultra Suit 1, 2, and 3 generations? Understand all the appearance design and functionality at once

Ultra Suit 1、2、3代差在哪?所有外觀設計、機能性一次搞懂

The 3rd generation of Ultra Suit breaks away from the single choice of men's style/classic black in the past. This time it adds women's style, single/double breasted, and midnight blue/day sand colors, providing a variety of matching options. In addition to the differences in style, this article also summarizes the specifications of Ultra Suit 1, 2, and 3 generations for you to compare. From product design, fabric performance to usage scenarios, this comparison table allows you to quickly understand.

Ultra Suit Series Specification Comparison Chart

Compared with the previous two generations, the 3rd generation Ultra Suit is more classic in appearance design. It uses a single/double-breasted shape to interpret the aesthetics of gentleman's clothing. In addition, it also provides midnight blue and day sand options. In terms of design, we use rhombus and trapezoid line elements to create a neat look on the lower collar, cuffs, pockets and other structures, and use a large number of hidden magnetic buttons to improve the convenience of use. The modular system of this generation has added module expansion straps in the inner hidden pockets and breathable valves on the left and right sides, which can be combined with M-system adapters to connect card clips, hexagonal caps and other accessories.

Usage scenarios

TRANZEND has always been committed to the combination of technology and gentry clothing in order to create clothing that is comfortable, functional and suitable for more situations, and this Ultra Suit is no exception.

If the waterproof coefficient is compared to the altitude of a mountain, then Ultra Suit 1.0 will occupy the position of the mountain peak, 2.0 will be located halfway up the mountain, 3.0 will be located at the foot of the mountain, and those without water repellency will be on the plain. Different from the previous fully waterproof configuration of the 1st generation and the semi-waterproof and semi-water-repellent configuration of the 2nd generation, this time the 3rd generation adopts DWR super water-repellent technology. Although the waterproof coefficient is slightly reduced, the breathability is greatly improved, in order to be more consistent with For daily wear and casual business needs, the 3rd generation suit has passed the Pass Rain Test, so you no longer have to worry about sudden showers when commuting, or accidentally spilled drinks during meals. You can easily remove them and still stay dry and stylish.


After reading this comparative analysis, I believe everyone has a better understanding of the differences between the generations of the Ultra Suit series. Which one do you like best? Welcome to leave a message below to share

Ultra Suit 3rd generation will be available for pre-order on December 15th and will ship on January 13th, 2023. Those who place the order first will be shipped first and receive the next-generation functional suit before the Chinese New Year.

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