"Ultra Hoodie" sales information is released first! Check the price and release date here!

「Ultra Hoodie」販售資訊率先釋出!價格、發售時間這裡看!

The most powerful modular hooded jacket on earth is about to be released on Kickstarter in the United States. This article consolidates the sales information about the "Ultra Hoodie" and provides you with the latest launch time and exclusive discounts. And our preview page on Kickstarter is now online! If you want to go faster and ahead than others, you can first register an account on Kickstarter and press the "Notify me when it is released" button to get the first time to be notified of the launch!

Sales information


  • 00:10 am on 6/1 Taiwan time (9:10 am on 5/31 US time)


Super early bird discount, limited to 200 copies

  • Single Ultra Hoodie $178 USD (35% off street price)
  • Complete set of Ultra Hoodie (including M-system pouch, M-system card holder and M-system strap) $248 USD (30% off street price)

Special offer of free shipping for Taiwanese consumers (original shipping fee is $25 USD)

How to purchase

Kickstarter, an American fundraising platform, currently supports a Chinese interface and can be operated in Traditional Chinese. When you place an order, the money will not be deducted immediately. Kickstarter will not charge your credit card company until we successfully close the case! In addition, when placing an order on Kickstarter, you do not need to select the color, size and address. These will be asked after you place the order.

User guide: Kickstarter tutorial from registration to purchase

Post a notice

If you want to go faster and ahead than others, let me tell you a little tip. Our Kickstarter preview page is now online! You can first go to Kickstarter to register an account and press the "Notify me when released" button to get the first online notification!

Kickstarter launch announcement ➛Click me

Ultra Hoodie The most powerful modular hooded jacket on earth


Ultra Hoodie is expected to be launched at 00:10 a.m. on June 1, Taiwan time. The ultra-early bird 35% discount is only limited to 200 copies. If you are interested, please seize the opportunity! If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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