Official website pre-order starts! Take a first look at the professional unboxing and actual testing of Ultra Hoodie

官網預購開跑!搶先看Ultra Hoodie專業開箱實測

I’ve kept you guys waiting for a long time! The Ultra Hoodie, the most powerful modular hooded jacket on the planet that everyone has been talking about for a long time, has been opened for pre-order on the official website, and comes with a professional unboxing test by the DayMixer prototype maker . For those of you who missed it during the Kickstarter project, don’t miss it this time. Another opportunity to miss~

Pre-order starts on the official website, 30% off for a limited time

Ultra Hoodie Ultra Hoodie has raised nearly one million yuan on Kickstarter in the United States, and is now open for pre-order on the official Taiwan website! The Ultra Hoodie and M-system series offer a 30% discount for a limited time, and the Ultra Hoodie Air, which is unlocked by 200% of the target, is also on sale. It is also equipped with the functions of the M-system series, but is lighter and sleeker in appearance. Shape, and the Chinese introduction of many people knocking on the bowl is also available! Welcome everyone to go~

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Ultra Hoodie professional unboxing test

If you feel that the Ultra Hoodie and M-system series are difficult to understand, why not check out the professional test video of unboxing by a functional clothing Youtuber. The DayMixer prototype will explain the design ingenuity of Ultra Hoodie and test the functional characteristics for you; in addition , also explains the operating mode of the M-system series. For those who haven’t heard about it yet, come and take a look~

Chinese subtitles: Click "Settings" - "Subtitles" at the bottom right of the video. After selecting English, click "Automatic Translation" - "Chinese (Traditional)"

Pre-order page➛Click here

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