"TRANZEND official LINE is officially launched", unlocking five major membership benefits!


The official LINE that the brand has been preparing for a long time is finally officially launched! From now on, whether you are an old friend, a new friend, or a supporter who continues to follow us, if you join Line Friends for the first time and complete the registration, you can receive membership discount coupons and enjoy five major membership benefits. Let's take a look at the benefits of membership rights.

Five major membership benefits

1. There are not enough 200 yuan discount coupons to collect.
Official Line

  • When you join LINE as a member for the first time, you can get a 200 yuan discount coupon as a membership gift, which can only be used for a single order of 1,000 yuan.
  • Every time you successfully recommend a friend to join LINE as a member, you can also get a 200 yuan discount coupon. The more you share, the more you will get.

    2. Member information

    • Order Status:

      The status is divided into order establishment, order cancellation and completed order. You can easily and quickly track the order information on the official website.

    • My wallet:

      Check the discount coupons that have been successfully collected. The coupon discount and expiration date are marked above, always reminding you not to miss any discount opportunity.

      3. Trio of membership gifts
      TRANZEND official LINE

      • Initiation ceremony:

        When you join this membership level for the first time, you will receive a brand membership gift. VIP and VVIP will provide cash discount coupons. Gold card and above members will enjoy brand limited gifts. Exclusive gifts of different values ​​will be provided according to each level.

      • Fully discounted items:

        According to the corresponding membership level, you will enjoy the discount when purchasing fully discounted products. In other words, those above the VIP level will enjoy discounts when purchasing all brand products during the membership period.

      • Birthday gift:

        All VIP and above members enjoy exclusive birthday gifts in their birthday month, and the system will send you a birthday gift discount code in your birthday month based on different levels. In addition, platinum members can also receive limited brand gifts.

        4. Latest brand information
        TRANZEND official LINE

        • Upcoming Events:

          Brand events, flash offers, and the latest activities will be announced as soon as possible. Through us, you will not miss the opportunity to miss any promotions.

        • Discover new products:

          Check out the latest products in this column and compile the brand's entire product line for you. You can learn more product information with one click.

        • Job aspirations:

          Articles are updated regularly every week, ranging from explanations of dressing skills and knowledge of functional fabrics, to interviews with craftsmen, unboxing tests, etc. A rich and diverse range of topics are available for members to browse by themselves. There is also a comment area at the end of the article. Welcome to leave a message to share your views, or tell us the subject matter of the article you want to read.

          5. Free product experience

          TRANZEND official LINE

          • Everyone has the opportunity to become TRANZEND's gentleman style ambassador. Just select the products you want to experience, upload and share your personal daily dressing aesthetics, and you will have the opportunity to get free product experience.

          TRANZEND official LINE

            After the binding steps, you can now receive the membership gift of 200 yuan.

            TRANZEND official LINE

            1. Click "Bind Now"
            2. Enter your email, please confirm your email again, this will accumulate your spending amount
            (If you have already made purchases on the official website, please enter the email address you accumulated from your past purchases on TRANZEND)
            3. Go to the email to copy the verification code and fill in the basic information (if you do not receive the email in your inbox, you can check the spam email)

            TRANZEND LINE

            4. Successfully bound
            5. Click "Receive Discount Coupon"
            6. After successfully receiving it, you can use the 200 yuan discount coupon immediately!

            TRANZEND official LINE


            Facebook: Tranzend Taiwan
            Instagram: tranzend_taiwan
            Email: sales@tranzend.co.uk


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