T-shirt has 5 collar designs, summer wear is no longer limited to round neck and V-neck!

T-shirt 五種領型設計

The most common T-shirt collar types in summer are round neck and V-neck. With the rapid innovation of the clothing industry, many novel designs have been added to the market. These different T-shirt collar designs will not only affect the style of dressing, but also affect the visual proportions of the face and neck. Today, let us share five T-shirt collar designs and their matching tips!

T-shirt 5 collar designs

By choosing a collar that suits you, you can modify the proportions of your face and body shape. Below, I will share with you these five T-shirt collar designs.

Crew Neck: an unbeatable classic

As the old saying goes: "A classic and unmistakable style." The round neck style is a very practical style. It can neutralize square and angular face contours, or for people with a thin figure, it can be used to enhance the body shape. Less aggressive.
According to the width and depth of different collars, they can be divided into large collars and small collars. The so-called large collars refer to styles that expose the collarbone when worn, and have a certain sense of openness; while small collars can make a thin, sharp look You look more peaceful and harmonious. The only thing to note is that if you have a thick body shape, try to avoid styles with too small a collar, as it will look too tight due to excessive fullness.

round neck Image source IG: bp.0120

V Neck: slimming and slimming

It is suitable for people with plump bodies and round faces. It can effectively elongate the face shape, visually lengthen the chin and neck, and weaken the roundness of the body shape, making them look slimmer.
But remember that people with thin bodies should avoid choosing V-necks, otherwise your flat chest will make you look weak.

V-neck Image source: Pinterest

Trapezoidal collar (T Neck): TRANZEND original design

TRANZEND's original collar design can be said to be an evolved version of the V-neck. It uses a unique trapezoid as the shape of the opening. The sharp opening angle and the shadowy clavicle help to lengthen the visual proportions of the shoulders and neck. , making the upper body look more slender, neat, and slimmer. Compared with the V-neck, the opening of the trapezoidal collar is not as low as the V-neck. The lower part is spliced ​​with threaded elastic fabric. It is also suitable for people with thinner bodies.

Ladder collar Image source IG: keynocee

High Neck: Representative of high quality

It uses comfortable and elastic threads to cover the neck. It is suitable for wearing alone, as a base, and for layering to create different looks. It has both casual and semi-formal styles. It is a style that can easily create a high-quality look. T-shirt collar type. And not everyone can handle a small turtleneck. An upwardly extending collar will affect the visual proportion of the neck and upper body. For example, it is not recommended for people with a thick body shape and a short neck.

turtleneck Image source IG: zjyunnn

Henley Neck: versatile styles

Like the round neck, it is a very practical style. It was first used in men's underwear. It has a ring-shaped collar, single or multiple buttons, and is mostly made of cotton, knitted and wool. Later, it gradually became famous as rowing sportswear in the UK. It was not until the 1970s that the Henry collar T-shirt gradually emerged in general occasions and gradually became one of the casual wear items.

Henry collar Image source: Pinterest


Have you all learned the above? Stop saying that you can only choose round neck or V-neck for summer wear! Make more use of T-shirts with different collar types to create a variety of style changes. (Extended reading: Are plain T-shirts boring? Teach you five must-learn techniques for wearing plain T-shirts )

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