How to create a functional suit from scratch? Design, pattern making and fabric testing all handled by one person


The emergence of functional suits has greatly subverted people's perception of "suits". In terms of appearance, we combine the classic elements of suits with modern design, and create a functional Ultra Suit 3.0 through the combination of technical fabrics. For a functional suit, we started from the design draft, went through fabric development, proofing, fitting and modification, then experimented with garment fabrics, functional testing, and repeated revisions and improvements before designing the current Ultra Suit 3.0. Today I will use a process video to share with you how functional suits are made from scratch.

process from scratch

Let’s watch the Ultra Suit 3.0 production process video below.

Dress Wise

" Buy better→Buy less→Waste less→Feel better"

This time Ultra Suit 3.0 also adheres to the core spirit of Dress Wise, combining functionality with genteel clothing. We inherit the classic aesthetics of gentry clothing and integrate the advantages of technical fabrics, which not only brings more functions to the clothes, but also can be used in a variety of situations. Through "buying better" products, we can "buy less" , and because of this, we "waste less" and thus "feel better".

Design, pattern making and fabric testing all handled by one person

For Ultra Suit 3.0, we started with hand-drawn design drafts. This time, we specifically added TRANZEND's conceptual corner design. The overall design is presented with a simple and clear visual sense. On the fabric development side, it is different from the waterproof/semi-waterproof of the first and second generations. , this time it focuses on the super water-repellent feature in order to improve the overall comfort and breathability. At the same time, the mechanical elasticity created by the fiber structure allows us to move without restriction when wearing it. We are also very particular about pattern making. After five years of study and development, in order to be more ergonomic, we repeatedly revised the pattern and tried it on to increase the stiffness of the 3.0 suit jacket, and used high-quality fabrics on some sewing ends. Special vehicles are used in the construction section to enhance the sense of high-end neatness.


The value of a functional suit is not only its appearance and functionality, but also the meaning behind it. Through the core spirit of Dress Wise, it promotes the concept of sustainable fashion.

Ultra Suit 3.0 Men's
Ultra Suit 3.0 Men's
Ultra Suit 3.0 Women's
Ultra Suit 3.0 Women's


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