Still wearing a shirt at 30℃ "Aren't you hot?" I'll teach you which fabrics to choose without fear


It’s not May yet and the high temperature has exceeded 30℃. Apart from walking around in a pair of underwear at home, the most I can accept when going out is short T-shirts. However, there will always be some people, whether it is for work or style, they will Wearing long-sleeved shirts in the summer, when you see these people, do you also have a question in your mind, "Aren't you hot?" Today I will tell you the importance of shirt materials and which fabrics to choose that are not afraid of heat!

The first choice for summer fabrics

Here are some common summer shirt fabrics:

Rayon/Viscose Coolness Index: ★★★✰✰

Leiying Rayon, also known as rayon, is made from natural plant cotton and is a regenerated fiber. It has a light texture, good drape, and feels cool when worn. However, one drawback is that rayon is not very breathable. If you need to be active outdoors in high temperatures all day long, it is recommended that you try a different material.

Cotton (Cotton) Coolness Index: ★★★★✰

pure cotton

Pure cotton. In the past, I always preferred pure cotton when buying clothes. It’s not unreasonable. Cotton fabric is comfortable and soft. It also has good breathability and moisture wicking properties. It can be used in summer or in sultry environments. People feel relatively cool. However, cotton wrinkles easily, so it is a bit troublesome for you to iron it before going out every time.

Linen Coolness Index: ★★★★★

flax Linen is a pure natural fiber with very good air permeability and moisture absorption. It can be called a textile that can breathe freely. When summer is plagued by sun and sweat, linen shirts will not cause the clothes to stick to your skin due to sweat. But to be honest, linen has a rough texture, is not as smooth to the touch as cotton, and is super easy to wrinkle, which is one of the reasons why many people are reluctant to buy it.

Polyester Coolness Index: ★★✰✰✰

Common man-made fiber, also known as "polyester". In addition to its stiff fabric, it is also anti-wrinkle, stain-resistant, quick-drying, and not easily damaged. If the fabric is woven more densely, it can even be windproof or water-proof. However, it seems to be full of functionality, but there are many People’s nightmare in summer is that traditional polyester fiber does not have the functions of breathability and water absorption. Sweating often causes moisture, stuffiness, and heat on hot days. This is why many people don’t like to wear it in summer.

S.Café® Polyester x Nylon Coolness Index: ★★★★★

Ultra Shirt Iced coffee yarn is a blend of Polyester and nylon. Different from traditional polyester fiber, Ultra Shirt uses S.Café® patented coffee yarn, which has high breathability, odor absorption and anti-wrinkle functions, and is added with iced coffee yarn and xylose. Alcohol's dual cooling technology will cause an endothermic reaction when it comes into contact with moisture and sweat, effectively absorbing body heat and dissipating it quickly, allowing you to perspire and resist odor in the hot summer, keeping you feeling fresh and fresh.

Ultra Shirt Cool and Feeling Review Pen


"Aren't you hot?" Now you know why?
The weather in Taiwan is sultry in the summer. When going out, you should pay attention to dressing up. Don’t overdo it and suffocate yourself to death. Choosing the right shirt material can keep you cool and stylish without losing your sense of style.

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