Do all the protective clothing on the market have the same effect? ​​Let me show you the different levels and effects of protective clothing in one step


In the face of the highly contagious Covid-19, protective clothing has become a must-have personal anti-epidemic item for us, and it is also a must-have anti-epidemic item for many people when flying. Its main function is to isolate all or part of the body to protect it from infection and superficial risks in the external environment. However, there are so many kinds of protective clothing on the market, including protective clothing, isolation gowns or protective coats. Do these products have the same protective effect? ​​Or, do you know whether the protective coat you are wearing really has a protective effect?

Taiwan divides protective clothing into three levels: P1, P2, and P3 . The protective effects and test items corresponding to each level will also be different. Among them, TRANZEND's latest " Ultra Protective Windbreaker " is the highest level of protection at P3. Material . P3 level can be called the highest protective fabric, so what kind of test items do these fabrics need to pass? Today let us take a closer look at what conditions "protective clothing" must meet!

Type of protective clothing? What effect does it need?

The most basic functional requirements of protective clothing are "waterproof" and "splash-proof" , so as to effectively isolate the splash and contact of harmful liquids, while the higher specification P3 level emphasizes the ability to completely isolate the penetration of blood and viruses , so waterproof tapes are used at the seams of the fabric to perfectly isolate blood and body fluids from penetrating at the seams to achieve effective prevention. There are hundreds of types of protective clothing, how should we choose and classify them? Ultra Protective Windbreaker

Mainly divided into these three categories

1. Isolation gown

Single use. Commonly used in general medical units and pathology laboratories, isolation gowns are a type of protective clothing used to isolate medical staff from patients. They can avoid biological sources of infection or body fluid infections. However, it should be noted that its design focuses on To prevent the source of infection in the front, there is space above the neck and back, so the suitability must be carefully evaluated when working.

Isolation gown, protective gown, surgical gown, laboratory coat


2.Medical protective clothing

Disposable use. The testing requirements for medical protective clothing are relatively strict, and the fabric material and sewing must comply with regulatory standards. It is usually used to perform some high-risk tests or experiments. Since it is impossible to determine the direction from which the biological infection source will invade, its 360-degree all-round design can ensure that the virus cannot invade from anywhere, but on the contrary, when passing through Taking it off requires multiple procedures, which is quite time-consuming and energy-consuming. When the temperature is high, the wearer may suffer from heatstroke and fainting.

Protective clothing, clothing protective clothing, coveralls

3. Protective jacket

Can be reused after washing. The half-length jacket is designed to be worn in a wider range of situations and is more convenient to put on, take off and carry than medical protective clothing, making it a popular choice among the public. However, everyone should pay attention to the fact that many commercially available protective jackets are mainly "waterproof" and "splash-proof". They do not use waterproof strip processing methods , which leads to the virus infection at the seams of the fabric. The chance of penetration and therefore the risk of infection increases.
Protective jacket, protective clothing, protective windbreaker

 What are the differences in the effects of P1, P2 and P3 protective clothing?

According to the national standard CNS 14798, Taiwan divides protective clothing into three levels: P1, P2, and P3. Among them, the " Ultra Protective Windbreaker " launched by TRANZEND is the highest protective material of P3 level, and the corresponding protective effect of each level It will also be different from the test items.

P1 protective clothing

The protective performance requirements are relatively few, and only hydrostatic pressure and impact penetration are tested according to the specification.

P2 protective clothing

There are 6 more test standards than P1 protective clothing, including tensile strength, bursting strength, stitching strength, tearing strength, moisture permeability and sub-micron particle filtration performance, to further improve the tensile strength and barrier effect of protective clothing.

P3 protective clothing

For the highest protection level, there are a total of 9 test requirements. Compared with P2 level protective clothing, it lacks sub-micron particle filtration performance, but has 2 more test evaluations, which are the most important synthetic blood and virus penetration tests. It requires adding "waterproof tape" to the sutures , which mainly blocks the penetration of blood or body fluids at the sutures to effectively block blood penetration and virus invasion.

P3 test standard

(P3 test standard & Ultra protective windbreaker test results)

P3 test report, test book
P3 test report
(TRANZEND P3 test report)

Now that you have the protective power, you also need a sense of functionality and fashion.

By the way, we are now in the post-epidemic era, and it does not mean that you can just go out and wear a full-body isolation gown or protective clothing. It is not only difficult to put on and take off, but also not suitable for ordinary places. Therefore, most people will choose protective jackets as their first choice. Not only It has protective power while maintaining a functional and fashionable feel.

The design concept of " Ultra Protective Windbreaker " is based on "epidemic prevention aesthetics x functional fashion". We attach great importance to technology and design, and use top-notch materials and processes to make each item more valuable, and owning one is worth many. possibilities, and create a high-standard protective jacket that combines protective functions and many design details. It is expected to be practical and convenient to use in any situation.

Protective masks, waterproof strips
(Protective mask/waterproof zipper)

Different from isolation gowns and medical protective gowns, the Ultra protective windbreaker has a functional and fashionable appearance design, and even has the thoughtful design of a multi-functional small bag. The windbreaker can be folded in half and stored in the small bag, making it easy to put on and take off and easy to store. This breaks the previous dilemma of protective clothing being tightly packed all over the body and difficult to carry. In terms of matching selection, it is even more suitable for traditional protective clothing, so that you no longer have to choose the style to use when going to the airport or hospital. You can easily match it with a functional and fashionable feel in daily leisure and outdoor sports, and the protective effect is not at all Affected.

Anti-epidemic fashion, multi-functional small bag, convenient storage
(Ultra protective windbreaker can be stored in a multi-functional small bag)


After reading this article, I hope everyone has learned some knowledge about protective clothing. Remember when purchasing anti-epidemic products, pay attention to whether the product really has anti-epidemic efficacy and protection, so as to ensure your own safety. In addition, the first step to prevent the epidemic is to wash hands frequently and wear a mask, so as to minimize the risk. "Epidemic prevention is everyone's responsibility", protect yourself and protect others!

I believe that many people have prepared for going abroad or traveling or have locked up the protective clothing they want to buy. You are welcome to leave a message below to share and recommend various types of protective clothing to contribute to epidemic prevention life!

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