"Huli year-end special, 30% off the entire store" pack your spring, summer, autumn and winter items


Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it is the end of the year. After working hard for a whole year, everyone must be thinking about the "year-end bonus". In addition to using this money for red envelopes and filial piety expenses, the remaining Of course you have to treat yourself well! Although we don’t have Evergreen’s 40-month super crazy year-end bonus to spend (tears~), but don’t worry, TRANZEND’s “Tiger Mile Year-end Special, 30% off the whole store” event has started, so that you who have been unable to make a move, can enjoy the spring in one go Pack up your summer, autumn and winter styles and take them home!

Series of products

Ultra Suit full range Ultra Suit

It can be said that we are the veteran of TRANZEND. In order to challenge the hot and humid climate in Taiwan, we designed a suit that is most suitable for Taiwan using patented environmentally friendly technology coffee yarn. It breaks through the restraint of previous suits. In addition to being super elastic, it can provide higher quality than pure cotton. 5x UV protection and over 80% faster drying. The coffee print on the inside of the fabric has the function of moisture absorption and perspiration, allowing the microclimate layer between the skin and the fabric to circulate more smoothly, and waterproof tape is added to the seams of the clothing to truly make it watertight, making it refreshing and comfortable to wear a suit. From business to casual wear, it can adapt to different types of climates and various situations.

  • S.Café ™ eco-friendly coffee yarn
  • Waterproof, water repellent
  • Super elastic
  • Super breathable
  • Anti-fouling
  • Odor control
  • Anti-wrinkle, no ironing
  • Quick drying and easy washing
  • Sun protection and anti-UV

Ultra shirt Ultra Shirt

The Ultra shirt, which was just closed in December, has exceeded one million Taiwan dollars and is now open for pre-order on the official website. In the humid and sultry summer in Taiwan, wearing a shirt in the workplace or in daily wear often makes people sweat profusely. It produces odor, or needs special care before going out, otherwise it will wrinkle... In order to solve the dilemma caused by many traditional shirts, we designed Ultra Shirt, a multi-functional shirt with the ultimate craftsmanship aesthetics. Functional shirts use exclusive patented fabrics, avant-garde technological construction methods and design ingenuity to provide you with the comfort you want. When you wear a shirt in summer, it is not only breathable and comfortable, but also fashionable and stylish!

Temperature adjustment
  • S.Café ICE-CAFÉ™ Eco-Friendly Ice Coffee Yarn
  • Xylitol cooling technology
  • Breathable and comfortable
Light skin and comfortable
  • Moisture wicking, full elasticity, odor control
Perfect and stylish
  • Anti-yellowing, anti-UV, anti-wrinkle, no ironing
Ultimate craftsmanship
  • Magnetic cuff design
  • Laser cut ventilation holes
  • Ultrasonic suturing technology

Ultra Protective Windbreaker Ultra Protective Windbreaker

Using the highest medical grade P3 fabric, the fabric has passed the synthetic blood and bacteriophage (virus) penetration test, which can effectively prevent the penetration of blood and viruses. With the strip design, it is also windproof and rainproof (waterproof coefficient >10000mm). The detachable multi-functional bag on the lower right has a storage layer for alcohol cans, masks and anti-epidemic pens. If you need to store your windbreaker outside, just fold it in half and put it in. It is easy to carry and use when going out, allowing you to travel freely to various scenes in the post-epidemic era.

  • Highest medical grade P3 fabric (passed test)
  • Water pressure resistance 10000mm, windproof and rainproof
  • Waterproof strips and waterproof zipper design
  • Long cut/adjustable waistline design
  • Detachable multi-functional small bag (including alcohol can, mask and epidemic prevention pen storage layer)
  • Detachable mask
  • Two-way zipper
  • Reflective stickers, reflective LOGO

Ultra Coat all-terrain temperature-controlled raincoat Ultra Coat

Well-deserved as "the most powerful item in winter" , Ultra Coat is equipped with a three-stage autonomous heating system. The zoned heating can be switched between high, medium and low temperature modes at will, allowing the inside of the windbreaker to be maintained between 42-55 degrees, cold wind, Snow or extreme weather is no match for it. Ultra Coat also has many super functions and designs. One piece is worth multiple pieces. It is windproof and rainproof and has the functions of breathability, elasticity and comfort, and odor control.

  • Environmentally friendly process: recycling coffee grounds and discarded plastic bottles
  • Three-stage autonomous heating system 42-55 degrees
  • AIRMEM™ nano environmentally friendly coffee film: water pressure resistance 15000mm, windproof and waterproof
  • Eco²sy® technology and environmentally friendly down: lightweight and warm
  • Ultra Hood quick release rain hood (German patented magnetic buckle)
  • Devil's felt hat brim adjustment design
  • Water-repellent carry-on bag
  • Magnetic earphone storage
  • Back design
  • Multiple storage pockets

DWR tote bag DWR tote bag

The water-repellent tote bag is lightweight and easy to store. The top cover has a roll-top design that allows you to freely adjust the capacity. The accessories are the key to determining the style. You can make good use of the color of the bag to echo the color of the whole body, or be bold. Contrasting colors can give you a different experience.

  • Roll-top design, adjustable capacity
  • Super effective against splashing water, you are not afraid of sudden light rain
  • It combines functional convenience and environmental protection, suitable for daily carrying


After reviewing all the TRANZEND series products, I secretly tell you that we will have new products on the market after the new year! Please stay tuned~ The "Huli Year-end Special Promotion" event is shared here. Friends who are interested should hurry up and get your hands on it. The discount is only valid during the Chinese New Year! I wish you all a Happy New Year and may you make a fortune in the Year of the Tiger!

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