Do you claim it? You don’t even know the “shirt collar type”, don’t say you know how to wear it!


Shirts are versatile and durable, and can be said to be one of the most indispensable items in everyone’s wardrobe. A good-looking and high-quality shirt is the key to creating a tasteful and stylish outfit. molecular. In fact, shirts already existed before the Middle Ages. At that time, they were used as men's underwear or under dresses. Since only the collar was exposed under the shirt, the collar symbolized aristocratic status and lifestyle. So they often design the collar part to be more exaggerated.

With the evolution of time, the collar of a shirt gradually changed into what we are familiar with, and there are a dazzling array of shirt styles. In addition to the shape and material of the shirt that will affect the dressing style, the choice of "collar type" is also a matter of matching. A very important part is how to choose a shirt that suits your self-image, including face shape and body shape. Today I will take you to understand the basic knowledge about shirts, which will make it easier for you to find the shirt that belongs to you. .

shirt structure name

Before understanding the collar, let us first understand the names of the various structures of the shirt.

Shirt part name


Collar type classification

Whether it is a shirt or a Polo shirt, the collar, as the part closest to the face, is the key to setting off the face shape. Choosing the right collar type will greatly enhance your look and make you look more energetic. Different collar types and shirt styles can create different visual effects for the wearer, so how do we choose the style that suits us?

The first thing to consider is the features of your face and neck. Is your face larger or smaller? Round face, square face, or long face? Is the neck long or short? Next, consider the place you want to go. Some more casual styles may not be suitable for formal occasions, and there are hundreds of types of shirt collar styles. Today, we will Here are some common shirt collars to help you distinguish them!

1. Classic collar

Standard collar

As the name suggests, it is the most classic and common collar type. The collar tip and collar piece are both in the perfect proportion. It combines the characteristics of the point collar and the square collar. It is neither too sharp nor too square, and it is straight. It can be seen in the design of casual wear, and it is relatively simple to match. It can be said to be a collar style that everyone can control.



( Image source: Pinterest )

There is a button at the end of both sides of the collar piece of the button-down collar. The collar shape is mostly suitable for various face shapes. Compared with the standard collar, the button-down collar is more likely to be used for casual matching. The American classic brand Brooks Brothers (1896) was the first to introduce this kind of button-down shirt. It originated from equestrian sports and was designed to prevent the collar from flying up and affecting the line of sight when riding. This collar type was introduced in the 1950s. After 1980s, it gradually attracted the attention of major brands and became one of the popular styles.

3.Rounded collar

Rounded collar

( Image source: Pinterest )

Design the tip of the collar into a rounded shape. The rounded and soft lines can modify the sharp edges of your face. Friends with longer faces can also use this collar style. It can neutralize the overly long facial features on your face. The lines make you look softer.

4. Windsor collar

Windsor collar

( Image source: Pinterest )

Friends who are familiar with men’s gentry clothing all know the Windsor collar, right? The Windsor collar shirt is a pure formal shirt. The opening angle of the left and right collar pieces is between 120-180 degrees. The opening angle is large, which is very suitable for men with slender necks and narrow shoulder widths. The name Windsor collar comes from the British King "Edward VIII" in the 1930s. He was named the "Duke of Windsor". He developed a sense of gentlemanly dress from a young age in the royal family. He was quite famous in the contemporary fashion circle. At that time, His favorite shirt is the Windsor collar, so the predecessors called this collar type "Windsor collar".

5.Henley collar

Henley collar

( Image source: Pinterest )

The Henry collar is one of the more popular styles in recent years. Its biggest feature is that it lacks the collar pieces on both sides. It does not give people the serious feeling of ordinary collars, but it does not look casual either. It is a relatively young and lively collar. type. The more commonly known saying is that Henley originated in the "Henley Town" next to the Thames River in England in the 19th century. It was designed to facilitate the movement of rowers. It evolved over time and then gradually became popular in the fashion circle. , becoming the common Henley collar shirt today.

6.Camp collar

Cuban collar (Camp collar)

( Image source: Pinterest )

It’s obvious which country the style comes from! Because the local climate in Cuba is hot, it is naturally difficult to wear a suit and leather shoes. In order to cope with such a climate and look formal and decent, the "Cuban collar" was born. The characteristic of the Cuban collar is that it lacks the first buttonhole design of ordinary shirts and becomes an unbuttoned V-neck style. Compared with other collar-type shirts, the current Cuban collar has a more casual and retro charm, while the neck is shorter. People can consider this shirt. The open placket on the chest can effectively lengthen the visual ratio between the neck and the head. Naturally, the neck will not appear so short.

in conclusion

Do you recognize your "receipt" now? Shirt collars have been used as inner wear since the earliest times. After generations of changes, different cultural backgrounds have given birth to different functions and shapes. Some are used to facilitate sports, and some are adapted to climate changes. All of these have been It has become an indispensable process in the history of shirt development.
I’m sharing this today. Which “shirt collar style” do you like best~?

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