Ultra Tee 圓領 短袖 - TRANZEND
Ultra Tee crew neck short sleeves
Ultra Tee crew neck short sleeves
Ultra Tee crew neck short sleeves
Ultra Tee 圓領 短袖 - TRANZEND

Ultra Tee crew neck short sleeves

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The Ultra Tee series is a versatile T-shirt suitable for minimalist wear, sports and fitness, or outdoor leisure. Using the uniquely developed avant-garde Hybrid technology fabric | S.Café ® x Tencel™️, compared to T-shirts on the market, Ultra Tee has more than three times the air permeability, better ductility, comfort and skin-friendliness, odor control and quick moisture absorption . Dry.

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Cleaning: Wash on gentle cycle, line dry or tumble dry on low heat

Avoid: repeated friction, soaking, softener, bleach, fluorescent agent, high-temperature drying, exposure to the sun, and contact with rough clothing (such as jeans, knitted sweaters)

PS: It is normal for some hairiness to appear after using it for a period of time.

S.Café® uses remaining coffee grounds as raw material for yarn. The yarn added with S.Café® nano coffee grounds can exhibit excellent moisture diffusion capabilities based on its physical properties; it can also continuously absorb odor molecules and refract ultraviolet rays produced by the body.
We work with bluesign® certified factories. According to EU regulations, everything from energy selection to dye selection meets strict environmental design requirements.

15% Tencel™ Lyocell

85% S.Café® Polyester

Comfort is the most expensive brand

T-shirts are the clothes that stick to our skin for the longest time. Ultra Tee's Tencel™️ Tencel Lyocell's delicate touch makes us feel comfortable as long as we wear it.
Using elastic structure 46N yarn allows us to move more freely. With its moisture-wicking, skin-friendly and comfortable features, you won't feel restricted or restricted when wearing it for fitness or yoga.

Say goodbye to odor and stickiness

Ultra Tee is rich in S.Cafe® coffee yarn, which naturally absorbs body odor and says goodbye to social embarrassment and discomfort.
After experimental testing, Ultra Tee is three times more breathable than ordinary cotton Tee. Even in Taiwan's highly humid environment, it is still breathable and comfortable, and is no longer stuffy or sticky.

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