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DWR super water repellent + odor control

S.Cafe® technological and environmentally friendly fabrics naturally eliminate odors around clothing, and are super water-repellent to keep them clean and dry at all times, rain or shine, and easily remove dirt.

All-round 360 elasticity + breathable valve

Mechanical elasticity allows the wearer to stretch freely and comfortably, while aerodynamic valves greatly increase breathability and keep you dry.

Machine washable and dryable

Excellent anti-wrinkle properties | Wash, dry and wear

Hidden magnetic buckle + modular accessories

Magnetic buckles replace buttons at the placket and cuffs, and it is equipped with accessory buckles that can be combined with M-system series products.
Super water repellency and abrasion resistance test report

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1 Is there a unique design for women's suits?
A1: The women's Ultra Suit 3.0 is specially made to modify the figure and waist curve. At the same time, the women's suit pants are made in a small-flared version with slits at the legs.

Q2: Will the degree of water repellency gradually decrease?
A2: According to experimental tests, Ultra Suit 3.0 still maintains 90% water repellency after being washed 20 times, and is durable for a long time.

Q3: Are there suitable sizes for people with larger sizes?
A3: Our largest sizes are 3XL for boys and L for girls. You can click on the size chart in the link below.

Men's size chart (please click here)

Women's size chart (please click here)